The moment of contract conclusion


  • The contract between us is considered to be concluded from the moment you form your shopping cart in the e-shop, indicate delivery address and goods delivery method, and click the button “Pay” in the conformation window.



Your rights and obligations


  • Creating your account you must give correct data or change it if your place of residence changes.
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of data you provided, for the safety of you log in data and for the non-disclosure of this information to the third parties.
  • You have a right to purchase goods according to the procedure established by these rules and the e-shop.


Our rights and obligations


  • If you try to do damage to the work or reliability and performance of the e-shop, we can without previous notice limit your possibility to use the e-shop or stop your access to the e-shop, or cancel your registration.
  • We are obliged to create all necessary conditions in order you can use the services of the e-shop properly.
  • If requested by a customer we provide additional information about our goods.
  • We are obliged to ensure the protection of Client’s personal datain accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • We are obliged to deliver goods within the provided time of delivery.
  • If you paid for goods which we cannot deliver to you in virtue of unexpected circumstances, we will immediately return you your paid money.


Final provisions


  • The parties are obliged to settle any disputes by means of negotiations. If it is found impossible to settle a dispute it shall be settled in accordance to law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The rights and obligations of the parties are executed on the ground of “Rules of sales of goods and services when concluding a contract with a help of communication means”, approved by the order of the Economy Minister of the Republic of Lithuania d/d the 17th of August, 2001 No. 258 “Concerning goods sale and service rendering when concluding a contract with a help of communication means”.